Mobile for your television: how to choose?

The furniture that frames our television will probably occupy a central place in our living room and in our life - because we will spend a lot of time looking at it, even if it is from the peripheral view. Before purchasing this piece of furniture you should have some considerations. Get more info here: rv surplus furniture

Factors to consider for your television's furniture

1TV size

First of all, you have to take into account the size of your television: height, width, depth and diagonal, to ensure that it will fit on the furniture. It is advisable to give your equipment an extra space of a few centimeters - between 2 and 5 should arrive - for air circulation.

Proportion is everything. The television set must allow you to include additional accessories - if applicable - such as speakers, consoles, streaming media boxes , DVD collections, among others.

TWO Equipment weight

The maximum weight supported by the furniture is as important or more important than the dimensions, since it is necessary to add the weight of the equipment to be placed there.

Whether you prefer a TV set, a panel behind the set or a bookcase, you have to ensure that the structure can handle the weight well and, at the same time, that it fits the TV nicely in the space.

If you have children at home, this point becomes even more important, because the choice of furniture that does not support the weight of television is one of the main causes of domestic accidents.

Although there is greater flexibility compared to the recommended values, do not overload more fragile materials, such as glass shelves. Correctly distribute the weight across the furniture, especially if it is tall and has no wall fixation.

3Most used materials in furniture

Currently, furniture for television is made of a material that has been gaining popularity: plywood, or plywood, which supports the weight better than traditional wood. A reliable and aesthetically pleasing product, so it is one of the recommendations we give you.

There are also furniture made of chromed steel, aluminum or tempered glass. The latter is less recommended in homes with children, due to the risk of breaking.

4Space configuration

We have the TV we always wanted and beautiful furniture to incorporate it into. What is missing? The place where we are going to insert them and the layout of the space. Do you have access to electrical outlets and connections? Does not prevent access or opening doors? Don't the windows nearby cause too much light? Is the perimeter asymmetrical?

All of these questions must be answered before proceeding with the positioning of the furniture and your TV.

There is yet another question: does the room have a fireplace? Visually, we do not deny that it can be very pleasant to have your living room gathered in the center with a fireplace and a TV above. However, this is not a good idea. Exposing your television set to heat and overheating is a good way to shorten its life span. Not to mention the complications that would arise in terms of the passage of wires and the viewing angle.

It is not impossible to install the TV over the fireplace, but you should bet on an excellent insulation layer between the two objects, study the electrical installation very well and use a wood that does not emit much soot.


After all the above considerations, you should also be concerned with other details. The concealment of the equipment, in case you want doors, the concealment of the wires or even the mobility of the furniture (if you want it), are some of the points that you should consider when choosing the TV furniture that best suits the decoration of the room. your home.

Again, it's all about proportions. Visually, television must make sense within space and not seem lost or imposing itself too much.